Ten things we love about wonderful wool. A sustainable choice in home design.

It’s official, we love wool. This natural fibre material makes such a great choice in home design for so many reasons that span everything from style to comfort and sustainability to health.

From carpets to mattresses and rugs to runners….here are our top ten reasons why a wool based product makes a great choice in your home.


With regular shearing being a crucial part of caring for sheep it means that there is a fresh supply of 100% natural wool available every year. As long as there is grass to graze on, every year sheep will produce a new fleece to maintain the supply of this natural fibre source. And wool growers actively work to safeguard the environment and improve efficiency, endeavouring to ensure the wool industry remains sustainable for future generations.

natural sheeps wool


Under the right conditions wool is totally biodegradable. At the end of its useful life the pile from wool carpet can be returned to the ground where the nutrients released as it decomposes promote further grass growth and the natural production cycle starts all over again. Even if a wool carpet is placed in landfill, it will decompose leaving no harmful residues.


Wool can also be recycled at the end of its useful life in a number of interesting ways. Wool carpets are naturally durable so they can be re-formed and re-used as decorative area rugs. Wool pile from old carpets, along with waste wool from the manufacturing process, can be used in environmentally-friendly insulation products. Discarded wool carpet can even be cut into strips and used to protect newly planted trees and the slow breakdown of the wool provides rich nutrients and mulch to nourish the saplings and promote faster growth.


As a natural ‘smart’ fibre, wool helps to create a balanced atmosphere in the home. It absorbs humidity in the air, releasing it when the atmosphere becomes dry which helps improve air quality – this process also helps keep rooms cooler during humid summer months. It is this benefit that makes it the material of choice in mattresses for responsive cooling qualities.

wool mattresses


Boasting natural anti-allergen qualities, wool serves as a natural filter, trapping allergens and removing them from the air you’re breathing so allergy suffers can enjoy a healthier living space when wool carpets and mattresses are in place.

Healthy wool carpets


Investing in a quality wool carpet for your home can save you money over time. As a natural insulator, wool carpets help keep your home warm and cosy  making them a more comfortable choice for the colder winter months, for both you and your wallet.

Insualting wool


Another benefit of wool is that it is naturally flame retardant. Wool has a higher ignition point than other synthetic options, making it more resistant to dropped matches and other sources of fire. The natural coil and softness of wool carpets also acts as natural cushioning, helping to prevent any serious injury from falls in the home.


The protective waxy coating on wool fibres makes wool products resistant to staining and they also pick up less dust as wool is naturally anti-static. This natural coating resists water-based stains, which make up the majority of common spills. It’s overlapping structure helps repel dirt and liquids by shielding the inner part of the fibre and when wet cleaning, fibres swell to release dirt particles.


Due to its crimped structure wool is naturally elastic, so wool products have the ability to bounce back to their natural shape and recover after use from foot, furniture or body traffic. Wool therefore maintains its appearance and comfort in the longer term, adding value to the product and its lifespan. Wool is also hydrophilic – meaning it is highly absorbent – so any dyes used to add colour remain colourfast for longer, without the use of chemicals.

Colourfast wool carpets


If you have made the choice for wool flooring in your home, then whether that is in the form of wall-to-wall carpet, a runner or a rug, the versatile nature of wool means you are then spoilt for choice in terms of format, patterns, colours and more. From wool twist to wool loops, natural neutrals to bright and bold, sophisticated stripes to abstract design, wool carpet collections offer it all. And the same goes for choosing natural fibre mattresses featuring wool, where everything from different comfort levels to cooling qualities are offered thanks to innovative wool.

colourful wool carpet

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